Practical Wisdom

The spirit of all practical wisdom is summed up concisely in the simple and saving advice of Krishna; “Thy business is with the action only; never with the reward or merit accruing from it; let not the fruit of action entangle thee; nor be thou the slave of inaction.”

Burning Rest

Upstarts of civilization! we accommodate your sciences and arts, but pray push them not forward too much. Lord Love is the sun around which the sciences of the world should revolve like planets and satellites.

Labour and Love

Where labour is despised, the result is stagnation, decay and death, and Art becomes laborious. Where labour is loved, life and light abide and labour becomes artistic. Oh, Lord Love! Has it come to such a pass? Love is misunderstood to such a degree that the very mention of the word ‘ love’ suggests to the dear people the idea of cupidity and stupidity, instead of that divine flame! Sometimes they make big talk about divine Love, Bhakti, and Upasana. But practically it amounts to muttering aloud some Sanskrit hymns and chanting certain Man trams, hardly understanding, not to say feeling, what they say.

Love or Law?

The only lawful law is love. To live in love is to live true to yourself. The real law is myself. To dictate law to me is to sever it from me. Should any laws be laid down for the child, commanding him to breathe, to grow, or play and live? Is not his very life law? Like a free bird, a child is seen singing, laughing, and talking spontaneously.

What is Beauty?

Children are sweet because they are not shut up within a stagnated ego. Any party who gives us the impression of self-resignation, unselfish devotion, irresistibly charms and fascinates.