For the Indian people and a Message to the world

Rama urges no law of theories, but the logic of events. Wherever you hear the statement, -The law allows it, -remember you, the fellow is up to mischief. Whoever lives in love lives above law as Law. The only lawful law is love. To live in love is to live true to yourself. The real law is myself. To dictate law to me is to sever it from me. Should any laws be laid down for the child, commanding him to breathe, to grow, or play and live? Is not his very life law? Like a free bird, a child is seen singing, laughing, and talking spontaneously.

There come up the officious visitors soliciting him to sing, talk, and laugh. Immediately the child stops. The playful expressions which were so natural for him turn unnatural the moment the consciousness of being alien to those expressions is brought home to the child. Whoever lives a free life, true to the self, a life of divine recklessness, all the laws of the world are true to him, being identical with him. He abhors nothing. He curls up from nothing. He shrinks from nothing.

What is disease? Contraction due to lack of love; shuddering at the flutter of shadows, crying at the day dreams of danger. In reality there is nothing to be afraid of. All around, in all future, in all distance, there is but one Self supreme existent, and that is my own Self. Of whom shall I be afraid? Night is just as good as day. Storm is just as necessary as sunlight. Often whole nights pass away without a wink of sleep, and yet Rama is as fresh in day time as ever, because weariness comes from worry for sleep, and not so much from lack of sleep. How happy are the vigils when Lord Love keeps us awake! When the system requires hearty meals, they are enjoyed; but often, no inclination to eat being felt, fasting is enjoyed equally well. RainĀ­storms of tears bring floods of joy, because Love rides the storm. Streams of laughter flow free; and the joy involved in them is neither less nor more than the joy of tears. What shall I resist? What shall I escape from, when all is myself? Oh, what a supreme recklessness!

I fret not when fever would pay a visit. I receive it as a friend and spiritual Truths flash which could never otherwise be disclosed. All is health. Wakefulness is one kind of health, Sleep is another form of it, gentle calmness beautiful, but the storm of hot fever has a charm of its own. True religion means faith in Good rather than faith in God. There was never yet such a storm but it was Aeolian music to a healthy and innocent ear.

With the rumble of thunder let it be proclaimed. So long as any trace of external obligation and categorical imperative ‘Thou shalt’ and ‘Thou shalt not’ is in play, there can be no room for spiritual growth or true Purity. The Imperative Mood, Second Person, keeps alive in us the limited personality, and wherever there is limitation there is no Bliss, nor any escape from attraction and repulsion, no salvation from attachment and hatred, no freedom from vacillation and temptation. So long as there remains a LIMITED body in space surrounded by other bodies, how could it give Gravitation the dor, throw dust in the eyes of the laws of attraction and repulsion, cheat nature and escape outside influences. The man in regard to his single body lives in the consciousness of unity of self, despite the seeming difference in the functions of different organs the same ‘I’ sees, hears, walks, and so on. So in regard to the whole world the Free-man lives in the consciousness of unity of world-Self and the differences take care of themselves even as the assimilation of food, growth of hair, etc., take care of themselves in a single body. It is through realization of One’s Infinity, conquering all sense of difference, feeling our oneness with all, realizing the stars, landscapes, rivers, and all as my own, and through love owning all, that temptations lose their power over us.

When the great sun is tinning, what light can the little glow-worm cast? When all is beauty to me and I am that, what shall 1 run after? What is there in the whole range of world’s possessions to attract a man just one with all objects of attraction?

What mischief has not or will not the stingy thief commit who wants to hide the Light of lights behind the bushel of lie the suicidal playing false to the Supreme Self thinking oneself other than God?

‘No physical action, good or evil,
No mental action, virtuous or ill,
No shame or fame, no praise or blame
Could taint me e’er, no kind of game,
Nothing but the flood or glory!
To whom shall I give thanks,
To whom shall I turn and look up,
When Bliss absolute,
When Light immeasurable is manifest even in Me?