Keralacharithravum Thachudayakaimalum (Malayalam PDF)

The book “Keralacharithravum Thachudayakaimalum” is written by Sadguru Chattampi Swamikal. Keralacharithravum Thachudayakaimalum, Koodalmanikyavum Thachudayakaimalum, Keralathile Budha Jaina vigrahangal are some articles in this book.

Sahasra Kiranan (Malayalam PDF)

Sri Vidyadhiraja Patanakentram, Neyyattinkara is a centre for studying the life and teachings of Sadguru Sri Chattampi Swamikal. This small book is edited by Dr M P Balakrishnan of Vidyadhiraja Patanakentram.

Sivaprabhakara Siddhayogi (Malayalam PDF)

Sreemad Sivaprabhakara Siddhayogi Paramahamsar was a Sanyasi believed to be lived with a lifespan of 723 years. His Samadhi is in Omallur, Pathanamthitta. The story of Sivaprabhakara Siddhayogi is like a myth. Somany Rishis and stories are related with Sivaprabhakara Siddhayogi.

Anandadarsham (Malayalam PDF) by Brahmananda Sivayogi

The book ‘Anandadarsham’ was written by the founder of ‘Anandamatham’ Sri Paramahamsa Brahmananda Sivayogi. Anandadarsham contains 45 articles which gives us a detailed study on Rajayogam and Anandamatham.The books was published by Siddhasram of Alathur.