Ever-Present (Surpassing Love and Grace)

Painful was that veiling to our human hearts. Yet in these days of seeming deprivation, happy indeed are we if we be driven thereby inward, to see and love him there; shining as the Heart of all, the ineffably radiant Self, manifesting ever as the Self of our self, the very Being of our being, the ever-blessed Awareness of all Truth, the Stillness of omnipresent Bliss – Satchidananda.

Seekers And “Seekers” (Surpassing Love And Grace)

The ‘Seekers’ do not seem to have learned the meaning of humility, which is the foremost virtue of a sadhaka. For the mind turned bright by its own purity cannot but rightly assess the difficulties of the task ahead and the relentless fight to be put up in the ups and downs of the long and arduous road. A pure seeker allows no outward appearance to cloud his judgement, but gratefully seeks the help of senior and more experienced sadhakas.