Answers to Questions from Forest Talks

Forest talks: answers to questions RAMA LOST IN ECSTACY!! The real Self does not incarnate, only the Subtle Self does; the real God is above incarnations. The Universe is my body, all air is my breath, trees are my hair, rivers are my veins, and mountains are my bones! In some places long twilight exists, in others the Sun jumps upon the horizon. You may linger in intermediate places or fhT, that depends entirely upon your will, which choice you make. Desires are energy-energy of light, heat, electricity, sound, different manifestations. Matter is proved to be a form of Energy. Leibnitz considers atoms centres of force, solid matter is also my will. Ice is water, water also is water, form I am, I am also dweller in form. You are everything. Wake up to that consciousness. The Philosophy of Yoga must seek you, everything comes to you. People are much misled by the spinal column, they lose the main track, go inside the alleys. If you place figure 8, one over another, there are holes in continual column which form two canals. Books lay stress on opening these canals. To a man who had worked and read for twelve years to effect this, Rama told the secret. Just as he came today, he said that he had during this short time achieved all, and was nearer the goal than ever. People lead themselves astray who dwell on such things as the opening of Sushumna (?) The food gets into the stomach, unites with the oxygen, works its way through the body, gains gastric juice, travels through the alimentary canal,...

Is a Particular Society Needed?

Here you are. You breathe into your lungs very little air at a time and yet all the air in the world is yours. Is it not? You are heir to all the air in this world. All the atmosphere is yours, you can breathe the whole atmosphere. The air of India, Japan, China, England and America is Rama’s and Rama is you also. The air of the Himalayas with its sweet fragrance is yours. No one has any proprietary right over air. Similarly, no one has any proprietary right over Truth or knowledge. All the religion of the world, all the Truth of the world is yours.

Do mediums get communications from departed spirits?

Man’s body is like a citadel and the senses are the loopholes. At the loopholes of the citadel we place cannon and guns, which are shot off from within, and which shoot outside. Similarly, from you, cannon balls of sight are shot out into the hearts and heads of spectators; from the loopholes of the ears thoughts shoot out. Well, it says, the maker or creator of this citadel, the Atman, has played a funny joke with man. All the cannon balls shoot outside from within you, and man is bewildered. Man thinks that he is gaining and conquering this world; man thinks that he is extending his property, but as a matter of fact he is losing his own self. In this citadel man thinks that he is gaining knowledge, that he is victorious in the world, but as a matter of fact he is starving his true Atman.

What is it that says, “I am not this body”?

“I am not the body” is made by the thief in the dream, because you have stolen God, you have stolen the Truth, you have concealed your real Self, so you are a thief in the dream, and this thief in the dream is stung by the serpent Truth, “I am the Atman.”Thus it is the thief in the dream that receives the life-giving sling of “I am Atman “and the result is that you wake up, and the true Atman shines in its full glory, and this Atman is unapproachable. It surpasses all description. Language cannot reach it.

Is the Self cognizant in any actions of persons?

It is not the body but the soul that is to be reformed; it is the mind that is to be regenerated. You have to be born of the spirit. Just as u Dust thou art, and to dust thou must return “was not spoken of the soul, similarly, “You have to lie born again of the spirit, you have to be regenerated “is not to be spoken of the body.