Forest talks: answers to questions


The real Self does not incarnate, only the Subtle Self does; the real God is above incarnations. The Universe is my body, all air is my breath, trees are my hair, rivers are my veins, and mountains are my bones!

In some places long twilight exists, in others the Sun jumps upon the horizon. You may linger in intermediate places or fhT, that depends entirely upon your will, which choice you make. Desires are energy-energy of light, heat, electricity, sound, different manifestations. Matter is proved to be a form of Energy. Leibnitz considers atoms centres of force, solid matter is also my will. Ice is water, water also is water, form I am, I am also dweller in form. You are everything. Wake up to that consciousness. The Philosophy of Yoga must seek you, everything comes to you. People are much misled by the spinal column, they lose the main track, go inside the alleys. If you place figure 8, one over another, there are holes in continual column which form two canals. Books lay stress on opening these canals. To a man who had worked and read for twelve years to effect this, Rama told the secret. Just as he came today, he said that he had during this short time achieved all, and was nearer the goal than ever. People lead themselves astray who dwell on such things as the opening of Sushumna (?) The food gets into the stomach, unites with the oxygen, works its way through the body, gains gastric juice, travels through the alimentary canal, it is not necessary to understand the transformations. As the food takes care of itself, so when a man desires Realization, “Raja Yoga” does you no good. Exert yourself in the right way, it will surely be opened unto you. Control breath, waste not your time upon meaningless things, processes do you no good, the control of Prana is not to control the mind; based upon these lines no man can concentrate his mind, suspended breath can have no control over mind! False Logic. Every Geometrician wants to force the fact upon others that control of Prana means control of mind; control mind, and Prana will be controlled.

Rama began the other way. Rama failed to look at the matter in the common way despite admonitions; he controlled the mind, breath followed. Once he bathed, plunged, sank into a tank. Friends present also bathed, and plunged into water but came out, waited for Rama; he was not on the list, they thought him drowned, or that the alligator had eaten him up. They were alarmed. Rama came up and amazed them that control of breath could be effected through the Will. Try to realize seated in the essence of the real Self and become one with God. Breath is a poor, mean servant of yours, you control breath of the Universe. Dehypnotize yourself; the mother hypnotizes the child when she whispers, “Oh Johnnie,” in his ear, “Oh Georgie I” and makes him Johnnie and Georgie through the body.

Wake up Divine consciousness! Master of the Universe, the Ruler of spheres! the principal thing is to realize. Sun of suns! Light of lights! the same am I! Why are you man, woman, beggar or king, or poor wretch? You have felt it yourself and you are it. Feel yourself God and you will be God. A house takes long to build, only a short time to raze. You have taken a long time to create your dungeon, raze it! God of gods ye are! Raise yourself up into the true Self 1 Throw yourself into the Light of lights I See whole worlds spread out before you! While the rising Sun is below the horizon, a suitable time in India, the view elevates, once there you can mount into delectable mountains. Just as we strike a pencil for first rise, when risen we give a sharp blow, and throw it away into the atmosphere, raise it and make it fly; so raise the mind in that way into the atmosphere, after which it is easy for it to run along until it is God in the highest heaven. The impulse given through birds’ songs, breezes blowing, streams murmuring, let it soar, chant OM, sing in the language of feeling. Look at the first Sun as at a looking-glass, in no state of dualism. The highest is my own Self. I am He. Indian women wear small looking-glasses on their thumbs and looking into them do not see the glass but their own faces outside themselves, but realize it is their own face, although seeing it outside, so does the Vedantin realize that the Sun is his own Self. I am the Sun of suns! My only shadow is that Sun! The meaning of OM I am, language, lips, feeling, action say so.

“Child, come along! “No force in your words; when another child who has been absent and whom you have been longing to see, comes, you say, “Oh, come child, come!” spoken through every nerve, every hair. You fly to him, cling to him, clasp him, this is the language of the feeling. Chant OM with every fibre of your body. Begin with little force; sound first comes from throat, then chest, lower and lower down until from base of spine; then electric shock, opening of Sushumna (?) your breathing becomes rhythmical, all germs of disease leave you. A Vedantin looks on the Sun as related to himself in the same way as is the Moon to the Sun. She appears to shine by herself, but all lustre comes from the Sun. So the Sun appears to shine from his own grandeur, but that grandeur comes from me.

In dreams you see various things, say an electric globe. Without Light you can see nothing, in dreams there is no light to show objects. What is that light which shows you electric globe or diamond? It is the light of Atman, your own Self. The grandeur of the Sun in your dreams is your own light; The glory of the Sun is seen through my glory! so does the Vedantin feel. The Sun in the material world is the emblem of Light, Knowledge; thus by looking at the Sun, I feel I am the Light of Knowledge. The Sun is the symbol of Power, makes planets revolve, gives Life to all.

Here is another way of realizing OM.

A stands for Existence, Life.
U stands for Light, Knowledge.
M stands for Bliss, Happiness.

OM has symbol in hieroglyphics in the Sun written in characters of gold. Like a written word, OM and this Sun, material symbol, is an image of me.

The Sun is a symbol of beauty, attracts all planets, so dazzling! so splendid! represents Bliss. Realize. I am Reality, Truth, Glory! All attributes are mine! are me! are I!

Existence, Knowledge, Bliss. A little material twisted image of me is the sun! I do not worship OM. OM worships me! I am the Sun before whom all planets and all bodies, heavenly as well as human, revolve. Immutable, eternal! Before me does the whole universe turn round and round, to show me all her parts and sides; to lay open to me all her beauty! The Sun shines for my sake before me.

The heart of Christ,
The brain of Shakespeare,
The mind of Plato.

All feel upon my glory, drink of my sunshine. The presence of the Sun makes men think that the muscles, move thereby; it is my God-like presence that brings all this to pass.

Live in me, the Sun of suns, Light of lights am I! From the ocean of my presence all ripples come, I am the monarch of monarchs! as all the kings, as all the flowers! I smile in the sunbeams. I make muscles of warriors move! Everywhere my Will is being done! My Kingdom and Glory administer daily bread to every being! and make the Earth revolve. Evil thoughts, worldly desires have no right to appear in my presence.

In the holy presence of myself little desires have no right to intrude; anger, passion, etc, are things of darkness! I permeate all, lowest and highest. I am Spectator, Showman, Performer. In Jesus am I! in the most ignominious am I! the All! Whatever is the object of your desire, I am. I roll in thunder and in surging seas of Franklin, Newton, Calvin, hearts of prophets I am, -Fountain Head, also of gardens and landscapes! With this emotion put forth all this meaning to OM -the process is simple; chant it, live it, walk it as Gods. It shows want of Self-respect to bow down to any desires that are not great. Walk in your grand glory and dignity. If distracted by worldly desires you are not singing OM.

About opening Sushumna, about the thousand-petalled Lotus, waste not your time; all will come to you. You will glean marvellous results. Be above fears anxiety, uneasiness. You will see all knowledge. The world will come to you of itself. Every object will pay allegiance to you. Do not confuse yourself with meandering zigzag paths, you will have to repent.