Tiruchuzhi Sundara Mandiram

Some devotees felt that the house where Bhagavan was born was a sacred place and that it would be preferable to be acquired by Sri Ramanasrmam. There were several obstacles to the purchase of the building as it was a Trust property. Finally the Sarvadhikari, Niranjananada Swami stayed at Madurai for a couple of months in 1944 and succeeded in purchasing it. The idea was to name it ‘Ramana Mandiram’ but Bhagavan pointed out “What do people of Tiruchuzhi know who Ramana is? They knew and respected father and mother. So let it be named ‘Sundara Mandiram’.”

Sri Ramanarpanam

Oh you readers of goodwill, you very well know

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Why can You not Sit Quietly at Some Place and Meditate?

Once during the Virupaksha days, Bhagavan, Palani and another person began going along a path towards the western forest. On the way a Harijan woman who was there to collect leaves and twigs saw Bhagavan and began upbraiding him. “Why can you not sit quietly at some place and meditate? Why do you have to roam about here and there like us who have to go around to collect firewood?” After saying this she left the place. Bhagavan remarked “She has taught us a good lesson in philosophy!”

An old, lame man of Arunachala

Here is another anecdote narrated by Bhagavan: An old, lame man of Arunachala wished to leave his family in disgust and began walking with the help of a stick. He took the giri pradakshina road to leave the town. He had earlier performed the pradakshina several times but as he was about to leave the town, he felt very sorry. Suddenly a Brahmin youth appeared from nowhere and took away the stick from the old man saying: “Do you need this still?” and disappeared. From that moment the old man became normal. At the time of this story Bhagavan was on the hill but he never said that it was he who set right the old man’s foot. A similar story can be found in Arunachala Purana.