The Brahma Mimansa Darshana – A Note on the Monistic View

So long as magnanimity (Udarata) has not become natural with us, we cannot realize God. No realization for a close mind. No peace for the close-minded (Kripana), and yet the outward relations force on us thoughts by which we are contracted into narrow limits. Magnanimity must be the rule and yet the world generates the very opposite in us. How to reconcile? The rule of conduct must be magnanimity and this can be observed and kept up only when in the heart of hearts we believe in the Reality of God alone, acting through our neighbours, their seeming forms being non-entity.

Answers to Questions from Forest Talks

Forest talks: answers to questions RAMA LOST IN ECSTACY!! The real Self does not incarnate, only the Subtle Self does; the real God is above incarnations. The Universe is my body, all air is my breath, trees are my hair, rivers are my veins, and mountains are my...

Forest Talks: No 11

Let such be the royal resignation of things in Love by every married woman. In India such are called Pativrata and Patnivrata which means that woman is to live in her husband and her husband is to live in his wife. The woman is to see God in her husband. She is to give away her body and mind to her husband and her husband is to give himself to God in her. There is nothing personal, nothing selfish. A marriage ceremony in India always takes place by the river side in the open air. A lovely breeze blowing and the sun over head. Here you see the idea is that the woman is to take up the hand of the man and the man taking up her hand is giving both to God. Just as Griselda had no attachment, women have to give themselves up to God, Atman.

What does God do? – Forest Talks: No 10

“What does God do? “He said, “All right,” and told the king to go and bring the Kazi. When his master came, he was astonished to find the servant seated on the king’s throne. Then he told the Kazi to sit at the place that the Pandit was to occupy, and the king to sit in the Kazi’s place, and he himself on the king’s throne. “This,” he said, “is the way—God does constantly keep things moving. Changing the Pandit into king, the king into Kazi, and the Kazi into Pandit.” This is what is being continually done in the world, one family rising into ascendancy, then becoming unknown and another taking its place. For a time one man is highly honoured, then another takes his place, and so on, day after day and year after year. And so on in this world change is going on all the time. From that day the Pandit was made Kazi.

Forest Talks: No 9

What is the use of just wasting your energy and lavishing your precious time in this laying by of gold and silver? Learn a lesson from me. Life is not for this waste, for this spendthrift purpose. It is not to be wasted in such petty^ sordid cares and anxieties.”