The Snares of 99 – Forest Talks

A Vedantin monk once visited the houses of the rich man and his poor neighbour, and told the rich man that the cause of his worry and anxiety was his possessions. His possessions possessed him and kept him down; his mind was wandering from this object to that. The monk pointing to the poor neighbour said, “Look at him, he owns nothing, but on his face you find the bloom of happiness, and you find his muscles so strong and his arms so well built. He goes about in such a happy, cheerful, jolly mood, humming tunes of joy.”This happiness the rich man could never enjoy. He had his property fashioned and moulded in the way other people liked it. Then the rich man wanted to test the truth of the monk’s remarks. According to the advice of the monk, the rich man stealthily threw into the house of the poor man $ 99. The next day they saw that no fire was lit in the house of the poor man.

Married Life Just As The Spectacles Are – Forest Talks

As the breath is so close to us but we never feel it, so should the married life be in perfect understanding. No burden! One is not to hang heavy upon the heart of the other. Both free! With either party the thought of the second party is not to be a kind of drawback. At present in the case of married people, the thought of the wife is a hindrance to the spiritual progress of the man. The thought of the husband is a great obstacle and burden upon the woman.

Rest – Forest Talks

Think it not that it is your duty to get clothes, or to win anybody’s love, to make anybody happy, or to achieve this worldly aim or that. Discard all these aims and objects, make it your profession, your business, your trade, occupation, vocation, the aim and object of life to keep your own self always peaceful and happy, independent of all surrounding circumstances, irrespective of gain and loss. Your highest duty in the world laid upon your shoulders by God (your religious duty) is to keep yourself joyful. Your social duty, the demand of neighbours, is to keep yourself well pleased, peaceful; the duty having the greatest claim on you from domestic relations is to keep yourself cheerful; and your duty to yourself demands of you again to keep yourself happy in all states. Be true to yourself and never mind anything else in the world.

Love. Let Not The World Be Too Much With You – Forest Talks

Man’s real self is nothing but this transcendental Love. You are Love. Oh, you are the universal Self. You are the Roseate Dandy that flushes in the blooming cheeks of Leili on the one side and appears as the bleeding heart of Majnoon on the other. To realize and feel this truth in practical life is Purity. But he who begins to seek things and hankers after them as if not one with him rends his God-self twain and is thereby impure. Shunning and curling up is not Purity; resisting and avoiding beauty is not Chastity. True Purity is that where all beauty is absorbed in me and I feel and enjoy my spiritual oneness with all to such an extent that to talk or think of meeting any object sounds like a painful hint of separation.

Stories – Forest Talks

Once there was a man so clever as to reproduce himself to such a perfection that you could not tell the reproduction from the original. He knew that the angel of death was coining for him, and as he did not know just what to do to avoid the angel, finally settled upon what might be termed an able device. He reproduced himself a dozen times. Now when the angel of death came,