“The ‘I’-thought is only limited ‘I’. The real ‘I’ is unlimited, universal, beyond time and space. They are absent in sleep. Just on rising up from sleep, and before seeing the objective world, there is a state of awareness which is your pure Self. That must be known.”

The Setting

The map shows India as a triangular peninsula in the south of Asia. Jutting into the sea, south of the vast Ganges plains, is the Deccan plateau. With thousands of kilometres of railways and thousands of kilometres of metal-roads, carrying bullock carts as well as the most modern motor-traffic-vehicles, there seems to be little difference between this Indian Deccan and any other civilised part of the world.

Hunting The ‘I’

Sri Ramana Maharshi is well known wherever there is a longing for a life of Wisdom and Love, of inner Freedom. The Sage of Arunachala was an embodiment of such a higher life and a living proof that the longing for the highest Truth is no escapism for weaklings from hard facts to soft dreams, but the entrance to true Reality.