Reformer – Forest Talks

Your league should be with Truth alone. Even if you are obliged to stand alone, live with Truth, die with Truth. If on the ethereal heights of Truth-life thou art left alone, the sun of Righteousness should be companion enough for you. Comrades will begin to pour in by taking the living suggestions from you. The organization thus formed will be natural. Don’t run after organizing by compromising. I do not want to make any converts and gather any followers, I simply live the Truth. Truth requires no defence and defenders. Does the sunlight require any apostles and messengers? I don’t spread the Truth, the Truth speeds me and spreads itself.

Property – Forest Talks

Inherent lightness, combustibility, etc., are the properties of Hydrogen but the glass which holds the gas can never be its property. So, manhood, nay, Godhead is your property, but the house in which you live or jewellery can never be your property. People are willing to lose their birthright, their natural Property -Godhead, but how persistently they make fun of themselves by tenaciously clinging to house, gold, and the like regarding these their property! What a huge joke!

Civilization – Forest Talks

The wealth swept out of the possession of more needy and added to your property by organised craft will enable you simply to have sickening dinners of hotels and taverns and furnish you with pallid countenances and conventional looks, will imprison you in boxes called rooms, choked with the stink of artificiality, will keep you all the time in the restlessness of mind excited by all sorts of unnatural stimulants -physical and mental. Why all such fuss for mere self-delusion? In the name of such supposed pleasures lose not your hold on Real joy, no need of beating about the bush. Come, enjoy the Now and Here. Come, lie with me on the grass.

The Spirit of Yanja

Chemical truths, we know them directly through experiments, it is the sinful crushing of the intellect to stuff the brain by belief in them. Confound not Truth which is defined as “the same yesterday, today, and forever” with a particular occurrence. Truth is to be known in itself whereas an incident we may believe on authority. Does Vedanta stand in need even of proof and argumentation? Why? Mere enunciation of it in the proper form is proof incontrovertible, Beauty requires no outside recommendations to prove attractive.

Planless Plan

All great work is done impersonally in spite of the prudent little self, and not by it. The Sun simply shines in his native glory as a disinterested witness-Light (Sakshi), and lo! The rivers are unlocked from their snowy cradles, the breezes begin to dance with glee, all nature is set in activity, animals wake up, plants grow on, violets and roses blow on, and even the sparkling flowers of men, women, and children’s eyes open up at the mere presence of the Sun’s glorious majesty. You have simply to shine as the Soul of all, the Source of light, the Spring of delight, O blessed One, and energy, life, activity will naturally begin to radiate from you. The flower blooms and fragrance emanates of itself.