For the Indian people and a Message to the world

Renunciation; giving up egoistic life. Verily, verily, everlasting life lies in losing the congested life of personality. The absorbing, self-seeking, imbibing tendency to accumulate all the colours in the rays of the sun makes objects black, ugly, and dark. The innocent, liberal, free giving in regard to the colours in the rays of light keeps objects bright and white. The light is continuously being shed and heat constantly given out all around by the sun, the centre and focus of all attraction and gravitation.

Children are sweet because they are not shut up within a stagnated ego. Any party who gives us the impression of self-resignation, unselfish devotion, irresistibly charms and fascinates. Everybody loves a lover. Off you go, theological debates and philosophical discussions! I know it. Beauty is love, and love is beauty. And both are renunciation. In the words of the Sannyasin of England (E. Carpenter), “There is no happiness unless you have clean dropped thinking about yourself; but you must not do it by halves. While even there is the least grain of little self left, it will spoil all. I do not say it is not hard, but I know there is no other solution.”

O living man, it is worthwhile to live as Love yourself. Be not clouded by the imperfect examples of Buddhas, Christs, Swamis, and other idols of the past. “History shrivels before the will of man, even if it be one man.” Be not scared by Time and Causation. Live as Love, and all Laws will be assimilated into you. Be in tune with the inner Harmony and Time will keep time with you.

O, the tiny hands of the clock! With what iron hands they sway the world. Immortal man, with a vengeance thrown as a slave in the narrow jurisdiction of a dial range! Irony of fate! People are scared owing to non-belief in the solidarity of nature and the Law of Unity. O Infidelity! to doubt, as if someone else lived in other bodies! Rama keeps no watch or clock, and yet never was behind time. Time is bound to keep pace with love instincts. Let a windmill be properly set, and the four winds will spontaneously be in league with it. So will nature co-work with you of herself. When you are centred in love, all miracles become possible.

Gods laugh in their sleeves at our concessions and courtesies. O how ridiculous perjuries we commit in trying to be faithful to our distant neighbour, being faithless to the self, the nearest neighbour. A poor tramp begs bread from the lady of a ranch. She, poor soul! envies the freedom of the homeless wanderer. When the tramp is gone, she feigns before her husband to have received a letter announcing the death of her mother. Thinking that the mother may have left some property for them, the husband allows her that evening to leave home for the departed mother’s. The lady purchases a ticket and gets off at the nearest station. Away she flies into the woods like a bird let loose from the cage after long wearisome imprisonment, relieving long wearisome burden by laughing a hearty laughter in the wood. Freely she roamed, bought her meals from the country peasants, and slept under a hay stack when the sun set over her head. Next morning she resumes her happy wandering and lo! to her utter horror, what voice does she hear? It is her own husband, wandering with the tramp of yesterday. He had been suffering from the distressing burden of ennui just as much as she, and wanted a life of liberty and vacation for some time, but neither would disclose the anguish of the heart to the other for fear of seeming faithless. Of this nature are all our pains to please others. To your own self be true, and just as night follows the day, to none could you be false. As in the case of Adam and Eve, so today the parent of all other sins is the sense of hiding shame. To be oppressed by the presence of others is the greatest blasphemy against the only God that is the self supreme. In being true to one’s higher self alone can one be a light to the world? The highest Individualism is the highest Altruism. In fact it is a misnomer to call it Altruism. The cant of doing good to others throws our centre of gravity outside ourself. Newton surely was never thinking of others in his discovery of the law of Gravitation whereby he proved one of the greatest benefactors of humanity. Let us dispense with all misnomers. u If a boy says he looked through one window while he did through the other, whip him,” says Dr. Johnson.