Vimukti – “Liberated Soul”

Yesterday Sri Maharshi composed a quatrain on Lakshmi in Tamil, giving the date and the astrological sign of her death, referring to her as a “liberated soul”, for which he used the Samskrit word “Vimukti” to make it quite clear that it was not merely release from the body that he meant, but final emancipation.

This machine cannot move without oiling

The famous cow Lakshmi, the pet of the Ashram, who has been ailing since some time, today passed away at about noon. Having known of her approaching death, Sri Maharshi went to the Goshala (the cow house) at about 9-45 a.m., sat on the ground, put her head in his lap and stroked it gently, repeating with infinite tenderness “Lakshmima, Ma, Ma, Ma Lakshmi” to comfort her in her last hour.

Light Dialogues – Go the way you came

Visitor: I have read all the Western philosophers from Descartes to Bertrand Russell – they are all useless. But our Rishis differ among themselves. Shankara says, “Go on repeating ‘I am Brahman’ and you become Brahman.” Madhvacharya says that the Soul is ever separated from Brahman. You say “Enquire ‘who am I’ and you will arrive.” Many other teachers gave many other solutions. Is this not puzzling? Which of you is right? Swami, which way am I to go?
Bhagavan: (with a gentle wave of the hand) Go the way you came.