From the chapter PART III Diary of the book “Guru Ramana – Memories and Notes” by S. S. Cohen.

21st June, 1948

Yesterday Sri Maharshi composed a quatrain on Lakshmi in Tamil, giving the date and the astrological sign of her death, referring to her as a “liberated soul”, for which he used the Samskrit word “Vimukti” to make it quite clear that it was not merely release from the body that he meant, but final emancipation. This morning he translated his quatrain into Telugu and showed it to the Telugu devotee, Professor Subbaramayyah, over which both of them joked and laughed, because Sri Bhagavan had used Tamil metre for a Telugu poem, as he had done in his own Ekatma-Panchakam – the five verses on the Oneness of Atman. Prof. Subbaramayyah highly praised Sri Bhagavan’s Telugu versification.

In the evening Maharshi translated the same quatrain from the original Tamil into Malayalam.