Join in engagement, whatever and wherever it be, choose not the end or environments, on, on with your work,

1. The President of a Railway Company being told by a fellow-passenger in the train that he (the passenger) had travelled on that road without paying any fare got his Capitalist curiosity excited.

Paid $ 20 to learn the way to do that.

The man said; By “walking”

2. A Red Indian saw a gentleman walking with a black umbrella. A wild buffalo attacked the gentleman who put the large umbrella in front of him right before the buffalo. The buffalo got confused, stopped and left. The Indian admired the trick, purchased an umbrella and walking on a railroad track, held out the umbrella before the running engine. But the black buffalo did not stop.
3. Tomatoes were considered poisonous long enough by the people. A girl living in a city who often took tomatoes visited a village where the people had not risen above the error. She visited a garden containing tomatoes (called love-apples) being seen in the act of eating a tomato, she was taken by surprise by the country folks who took her into a room and called a country Doctor and began to rub and scrub her and express sorrow and condolence in every possible way. Before the doctors came she died.

4. The Stiah (?) and buttermilk with churned snake.

5. The patient treated with thermometer.

6. The criminal with capital sentence killed in experimenting upon.

7. A man wanted to collect $ 2,000 to start a Hospital. He advertised for a Lecture. He found the Hall with only one man inmate. He lectured, that single man gave the $ 2,000.

* * * *
You cannot know a man unless you first love him. Christians believe in majority and number and not so much in their so-called faith. Hence their aggressive and accumulative character which is simply an effort to keep themselves in countenance and to prolong or bear up their hypnotism. The Vedantin believes in the Truth and not in number; hence his non-proselytising tendency.

* * * *
A well-behaved gentleman being found in gaol was told that he could not possibly be put in gaol for the alleged fault, no, he could not be so treated under any circumstances.

He answers. But “I am”

* * * *
A man came into a restaurant and said he had a powder which could keep the legs etc. from being scalded, no matter how hot and boiling the liquid might be. In the presence of all the people he rubbed the powder on his stocking-covered leg just pulling up the trousers, rubbed and rubbed for a while, then thrusting his leg in hot burning water, drew it out safe and sound.
A gentleman purchased the powder and when he was going to try it on himself, the seller left. The purchaser rubbed it for a long time on his leg, and then placed his leg’ in scalding water but no sooner had he done that than he began to cry and scream and kick, and scrambled and wildly looked on all sides to find the deceiver and swore that he would immediately kill the fellow if he could once meet him. As the reader may have guessed, the cheat had a cork leg and so was not scalded by the water which proved too much for the purchaser of powder.