From Note Book 4 of ‘In Woods of God-Realization’

The story next after that of Kak Bhusandi – Deva Puja. Vasishtha asks of Parameshwar (Siva).

Ques. – “What is meant by Deva Puja which is said to destroy pain and confer bliss? And how should it be done?”

To which the Lord replied:—
Ans. – “Deva is neither the solitary Vishnu nor Siva nor any other having the body of five elements. Nor is it the mind. But it is the Jnana, the Self without beginning or end. Can it be these paltry objects such as bodies etc? As Brahma Jnana is the Jnana which is illimitable, actionless, beginningless, endless, such a Jnana alone is true and fit to be worshipped.”

You cannot mate a virgin in the wakeful state with a husband dreamt of in the dreaming state.