From Note Book 4 of ‘In Woods of God-Realization’

“The cognition after true discrimination of the identity of the universe and “I” with Brahma is Brahmarpana”

“The giving up of the conception of duality through the idea that there is one only Ishwara in all our thoughts is Ishwararpana”

Bhagirath and Shikharadhwaj were sannyasins for a long, long time. Afterwards the latter ruled over his own country and the former (Bhagirath) ruled over two countries (his own as well as another country.)

A certain hunter having lost a cowrie-shell went in quest of it. Having vainly searched for it three days, he at last came across a gem radiant with the lustre of the full moon.

Similarly, Jnan will arise in a man quite unexpectedly while absorbed in some other Vichar (thought).