The spirit of criticism seems to be offensive, but mostly it is due to defensive self-preservation. In order that a habit or practice may be given up, it sharp criticism, showing all the evil consequences, is necessary. When we see others afflicted by that habit, we naturally want to avoid their company for fear of contagious suggestion. The formation of a new habit and view-point accompanies the breaking of the old; and so long as the world has any room for improvement, the spirit of criticism and comparison will last. It is not the criticising and comparing spirit that is undesirable or possible to eradicate, but the venom in it, which is but giving to the parties concerned a sense of personality. Let us fling aside the vulnerable little ‘I‘ which alone makes “sin” in ourselves and others; and, cured of all pain, we can look at all deeds and people around us with the scientific indifference and philosophic calm of a chemist or botanist, examining everything most dispassionately, accurately, and minutely, with no fear of being entangled in the chemicals and plants under our inspection; like the sun as a Sakshi helping all and watching all, the briars and roses, the waste and gardens, men, women, animals, plants, ants and clouds.

To escape plague the only way is to live up to the laws of hygiene. To be saved from foreign politics the only remedy is to live the law of spiritual health the law of love for your neighbour.

It is as easy to be prosperous as to be wretched if only we can make the proper renunciations. “Sacrifice averts evil” is a saying as true today as in those good old days, only it is not the vicarious sacrifice of innocent animals but the sacrifice (Havan, Yajna) of our party-spirit, caste feelings, jealousies, etc., at the altar of Love that brings heaven to us in this world.


As an equilibrator comes Criticism. It is the pruning process of Providence, helping us to grow more beautiful. When visited by the scissors of criticism, just retrospect what is passing within you. There must have been a tendency to drift down into lower feelings, and here is the warning. A man in a light skiff in a tortuous channel beset with rocks, borne by the flowing current toward an unknown sea, is kept alert by the dangers of the situation. As his boat bumps against the rocks, he must bestir himself. If this knock were not useful, he would not heed it. What we know as pain is the necessary danger signal. Organic beings need such stimulus to veracity.

The painful criticism from friends or foes is a nightmare to wake up to your true self, God. When you are awakened, where is the nightmare? It never was. All loss changes into positive gain the moment we set ourselves right in regard to the law of Love. Poor Cinderella lost her slipper, her innocence drew back the slipper and the king for lifelong companion to boot.

But when we are at one with the All, no cheats will dare come to us. Thieves crawl into a house only when the house is unlit. The man who is worthy of being a leader of men will never complain of the stupidity of his helpers, of the faithlessness of his followers, of the ingratitude of mankind, nor of the non-appreciation of the public. These things are all a part of the great game of life, and to meet them and not go down before them in discouragement and defeat, is the final proof of power. The unnecessary friction, reckless wear and tear of mind being saved, what in the world cannot be accomplished most satisfactorily?

O Love, Sweet Love,
For ages and ages Thou gavest me the dor.
Now hiding behind the foes and friends,
Now disappearing in the criticisms and praise. Now lost
in pleasures and pride,
Concealed in troubles and pains,
Then out of sight in life’s hard trials,
Forgotten in the midst of losses and gains.
O Love, Sweet Love, For ages and ages
Thou gavest me the dor.
Percussions, concussions of trials and joys,
Hard blows and knocks, all smiles and sighs,
With a wondrous Chemistry,
with a strange Electricity,
A purifying process, a disengaging analysis,
From loves and hatred, concerns, attachment, clingings,
Repulsions, from the ore of passions,
Brought out of my heart, a Radinm of Glory,
O what A strange story! 0 Love, Sweet Love,
For ages and ages Thou gavest me the dor.

From my Radinm of heart
X Ravs do start,
To the objects of all sorts
Transparency impart
On all sides and parts.
What a marvellous Art!
O Love, Sweet Love,
For ages and ages Thou gavest me the dor!

Sarcasms so sharp,
All shakings and props;
Foes, friends, and shops —
Your hiding walls
No more opaque,
Reveal you all.
O Jewel of Jewels!
My Self, Radium pure,
Thou burnest as fuel
All caskets and purses,
Valice, trunks and curses,
Doors, locks and boxes —
All possessions obnoxious.
O Truth, Radium pure!
O Self, omnivorous sure!
0 Love, Sweet Love,
For ages and ages Thou gavest mc the dor.