In the state of deep sleep (sushupti), the Self experiences repose and unmixed bliss, and has the experience of coming out of it refreshed — from that ‘something’ into which the Self has receded while in deep sleep.

What is that ‘something’? That is the Self, the Pratyag- atma, the unaffected Witness-Conscious-Self Aware. This is the unchanging Truth, the ground of one’s real Being, in the presence of which the states of waking, dreaming and sleeping pass in succession. It is this real Being that is the ‘I-I’ in the Heart.

Sri Bhagavan urges that the basis of all manifestations be realised as the Self, self-aware as ‘I-I’ in the inmost core of the Heart, the Witness-Consciousness unmoved and unconditioned. This realization alone can give the experience of Oneness of the Self with All; and only on realization of That can selfless work (nishkama-karma) become a matter of course. Then everything one does becomes spontaneous and natural (sahaja-dharma), and that is the universal religion (viswa-dharma), so inner experience and the outer life become co-ordinated in Integral Existence. That is pure Devotion (bhakti), true Yoga, and Full Knowledge (purna-jnana).