For the Indian people and a Message to the world


To keep our Godhead unsullied by craving, cringing thoughts of limitation and personality. Thorough Purity means not to be mastered by outside influences. To stand above the worldly charms as well as repulsions, to stay unmoved by favours as well as frowns, to be unaffected by attractions as well as repulsions through the realization of Pure self, which sees nothing different, is Purity. The pure alone can enjoy Nature seeing his own inner “Kingdom of Heaven” reflected in the mirror of all names and forms, rejoicing at the view of landscapes and charming sights only as a lovely lady smiles at her looking-glass. The truly Pure also can have a love where you do not fall in love, but rise in lore ­inspiring love and not weakening attachment or wishy-washy sentimentalism. True Purity alone is true love, and true love alone is genuine purity. Sometimes moral weakness passes by the name of Purity just as attachment assumes the name of love.

You can no longer enjoy a thing when you become attached to it. A disinterested nature-lover can enjoy a garden, whereas to the so-called master of the garden his flowering property is no more than a perpetual source of care and anxiety. This purity or Jove (cosmic consciousness) is all we need, all other things are bound to be added unto us.


By glorifying your present state whatever it be exalting the Nowwill God-Consciousness dawn spontaneously on you and not by running after any Self-Realization, as if it were somewhere away. A child in being true to his own childish plays and appetites does outgrow childhood and achieve maturity and not by aping the ways of grown up boys.