From Note Book 4 of ‘In Woods of God-Realization’

Jnan is the principal requisite, Manonash, Vasana kshaya, subordinate.

Jnan as ordinarily understood subordinate; Jnan raised in intensity to the pitch of Manonash and Vasanakshaya, the principal requisite.

Nishkam karma as sadhan for the former and as necessary concomitant of the latter.

1. If a man devout enough to realize the presence of God in all those who come in contact with him (i.e. to say one who has passed through the stages of Manonash and Vasanakshaya) is initiated into Tatvajnan, He from the very moment of hearing the Mahavakya enjoys Jivan mukti and is entitled to Videha mukti.

2. If a man, out of mere curiosity, turns to gnosis: he will certainly be a Videha mukta, but in order to enjoy Jivan mukti, he must resort to Manonash and Vasanakshaya.

Jnan is not the Phal of any Karmas and is not con-sequent on subh or asubh acts.

Patha Vyasan
Sastra Vyasan
Anushthana Vyasan