This part is taken from “Spiritual Stories” as Told by Ramana Maharshi 

Sri Bhagavan became transformed while relating incidents from his vast collection of stories and tales. On one occasion while describing Gautama’s joy at Goddess Parvati’s coming to his Ashram, Sri Bhagavan could not go on, for tears filled his eyes and emotion choked his voice. Trying to hide his plight from others, he remarked, “I don’t know how people who perform Harikatha explain such passages to audiences and manage to do it without breaking down. I suppose they must make their hearts hard like stone before starting their work.”

  1. Self-Surrender
  2. The Jnani and the Siddha
  3. Twentyfour Gurus
  4. Enter the Heart
  5. Buddha
  6. The Sadhu and the Three Stones
  7. Initiation
  8. Peace is the Sole Criterion
  9. The Garlic Plant
  10. ‘I’ and You
  11. Earnestness or Faith (Sraddha)
  12. In the World but not of the World
  13. Total Abidance
  14. Quiet Piety
  15. Unknown Tenth Man
  16. God Works for His devotee
  17. Each Reflects His Own Nature
  18. The Master’s Payment
  19. The Fault Lies in Exposure
  20. Brahmachari’s Touch
  21. The King and His Ministers
  22. The Greatness of Japa
  23. Silent Eloquence
  24. Headship of a Mutt
  25. Bhakta Ekanath
  26. The Immature Pot
  27. Tapo Bhrashta Yogi’s Penance
  28. Brahmin’s Curse
  29. Kabir
  30. Kamal, Son of Saint Kabir
  31. Mutual Curse
  32. The Lord Himself Comes
  33. Deliverance of a Thorn Bush