The child has about as many nerve-veils as the adult. They differ from those of the adult in form. Those of the child are mostly round, whereas those of the adult have very many branches with which they connect with the other cells. Nervous growth seems to consist largely in the formation of new nervous connections. The’ rapid growth of puberty means that at that time there is a great increase in nervous branching. The rapid formation of new nerve connections in early adolescence may be the cause, of the physiological unrest and mental distress (Vairag) that intensifies into the sense of incompleteness before conversion. The mind becomes a ferment of half-formed ideas as the brain is a mesh of poorly organized parts. This created uncertainty, unhappiness, dejection and the like because there is not the power of free mental activity. The person is restless to be born into a larger world that is dimly felt.

(Cf. The case of Chaitanya before every change in his life.) Finally through wholesome suggestions or normal development order comes and then new world dawns.
Often some emotional stress or shock strike harmony into the struggling inspection and truth comes like a flash. (Jabal and Up Kosal).