The following for consideration and Reconciliation – Attracted by the Sun, being both solid and liquid (heterogeneous) clouds form, vapours rise, and feel attracted by clouds Namarupani. In the rise of vapour, heat becomes latent, complete solidification, and attracted simply like a stone during the sway of passion (blind impulse). Success may melt for a second. In case of failure, the heat of hope which had hitherto nerved up your energies for work (headlong rush towards the object) finds nothing to combine chemically with you, so it splits you up, dissipates, dissolves, breaks up your frame (and moves so the heart). (It was Promethean fire, stolen I and see the consequence). In failure, i.e. not reaching the branch of the tree at which the leap was aimed, ensues the fall on the ground and crushing calamity. The twig unsubstantial and calculation inadequate. Hanuman’s is the only right calculation who flies on Ramban and catches the very soil (m’l’n) of the tree. In some combinations heat is given off, in others absorbed from surroundings. Spiritual fall or friendship on elevated terms). What is solidifying (cold) then? The company of those on lower potentials, all heat-absorbing suggestions and high pressure civilization which forces you down into gross sense of personality. The chill can also crack the rocks, break up solid stones and walls. In calamitous failure the escape of heat (and resulting cold) if extreme, brings on earthquake (shock) as a consequence of which the clouds disperse, we feel ourselves very low (solid) but the sunshine falls as a blessing. Or the cold lowers the temperature of the solution far below the point of saturation and the desire which had been self-multiplying (in the water) like monerons, settle down, fall off. Thus clearness follows the storm (tears) once more and we see the true Sun.

Every true desire, like appetite, if fed, nourishes; if famished, eats back the vitals of its owner.

People make so much of (Urdu word). All (Urdu word) resolves itself into oneness with God, either directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously realized, and, sir, what of worldly (Urdu quote).

(Pleasures = wet dreams. Pain = nightmares. Both wake us up, though for a moment only).

* * * * *
Beautiful crystallization can be brought about as a rule, only after the whole solution has been heated considerably. Beautiful discoveries and systems are formed only as the after effect of heating the liquid.

* * * * *
Idea is activity. Passion (desire) passivity. Pleasure multiplication of activity, because at the time being the tormenting passivity is brought to an end. Pain = increase or continuance of passivity, because the mind mass after failure goes on rolling through inertia (at first being moved by the object . Idea is of the nature of inert heat (life).

“Intellectual love”, says Spinoza, “makes man immortal, for having no relation to the body and affections, it has in it nothing that can be affected by the destruction of the body.”
The consciousness of Self implies relation to objects which are opposed to self and yet which as related to self form a necessary element of its life.

That is not a resting identity, but a process, a life, of which the very essence is ceaseless activity. ” . . . . it is by this perpetual process of differentiation and integration that self-conscious intelligence ceases to be a lifeless abstraction, and becomes a concrete reality.” The eternal life is not that which abstracts from the temporal but that which contains while it annals it. The life of absolute truth or reason is not a life that is foreign to us but one in which we come to our own… the idea of a negation which is only a step to a higher affirmation. In the moral life of man negation is ever a necessary step to affirmation, it is only through the enunciation of the natural life that we rise into the spiritual.

But man never is a mere individual or a particular self, his passions are always so far transformed by self-consciousness that the attainment of their immediate objects is never their complete satisfaction. He has not only to satisfy them, but to satisfy himself. Whatever reality and independence are ascribed to nature and man, tint reality and independence must not only have its source in God, but must not be pressed beyond the point at which its dream characters must terminate.

Only in thought or self-consciousness have we a unity whose nature it is to be infinitely determined, yet which in all its determinations never goes beyond itself but in all its multiplicity and variety is only and ever realizing itself. They are but its own objects. If it begins by opposing the world to itself, its next movement is to retract the opposition, to annul the seeming foreignness, to find itself therein. Knowledge is a revelation, not simply of the world to the observing mind, but of the observing mind to itself. The whole process of knowledge is a gradual annulling by the mind of that self-externality which is thought’s first attitude towards the outer world, and a gradual self-creation or realization of its own content. It is the essential characteristic of spirit, as spirit to be object to itself, to go forth into objectivity and return upon itself. Lila Dhari completing the Circle. That ideal unity of nature, which Science partially discloses, which Art by its imaginative creations foreshadows, is only then clearly apprehended when we…

Urdu Quote

Every conceivable advance in knowledge is only a realization of ourselves and the very Consciousness of our limits implies that there is that in us which transcends them.

* * * * *
Meditation – Giving the lower (Jagrat) centres rest, during which time the Karan Sarir centres become most active as seen after Sushupti also. When nature (food etc.) overcomes the body, the body is sick. When external nature overcomes the mind, the mind is unwell. Passion. Turnips, radish, parsnips, etc. accumulate food for their own future use in the coming year and so look fat. The usurper comes saying, “of what use are they if not for my eating up?” So, the strength, health and youth of a young man or lady, plump limbs and bloomy checks, would suffice her to live comfortably her hundred if passions and sense enjoyments did not consume the stored up energy.

The Adwait is to be realized on the intellectual but more so, on the ethical and practical grounds.

Conscience: Spinoza: “It has not only to satisfy them (senses) but itself also.”

Thus all the five elements of conscience counted by Schopenhauer are welded into one to constitute for the training of the (Urdu Word) by the (Urdu Word) self. Cf. Emerson about the immediate self-punishment after Sin.

* * * * *
Do the wicked prosper?

The wicked in so far as they are more intelligent (i.e. represent Activity) must supersede the passive (incapable of evil and also goad positive – Virtue).

But the intelligent wicked in their turn are brought low by the element of passion or passivity in them.
True prosperity falls only to the lot of intellectual love.

Who should be your companion? See, in what harbour is he anchored, what are his guiding principles, where is his heart? Mind not how much love he expresses for you. If his anchor is weighed in the sense of world-reality, behave like Yudhishthira towards his brothers and wife. If he is willing and ready to change his moorings, let him move up to you (docile). If his disease is contagious, shun him as plague.

Your moorings: one in Man of principle. Who has a right to be the man of principle? Whose principle is (Urdu word). None else.

* * * * *
To commit murder and yet escape the Law, the easiest way is to entice a man to eat before the previous meal has thoroughly been digested (or between meals). Another is to tempt him to sense enjoyments (Indriya Ananda).

Demands of nature are demands of the higher self —the Divine Law, which should always govern the lower self-calculations. Let the higher self command at least as much respect as the Mayavi people present in your company. This is Bhakti. Why should you he so anxious to accomplish a particular job as to ignore the laws of health. Is it the business, His work? He surely knows best how to bring it round. Let His will be done. You have no right to abuse the machine (body) vouchsafed for His glorification. It should be governed by His Laws. Is He not ever so near (as His and) in His hygienic Laws? Obey Him, therefore, take regular exercise as a sacred (religious) duty. Taking a constitutional = Prakrama, etc.

Sit straight in Samadhi posture, one whole day; all poisonous germs must perish. Bending over the book checks the flow in the alimentary canal and thus creates stagnant pools in the stomach or intestines giving rise to fermentation and flatulence.

Through the mirror of the world a man may arrive at the knowledge of himself.
To assert and emphasize the common will to live « vulgarity.

It is not the struggle which produces misery, it is the mistaken aims and low ideals.

All the pride and pleasure of the world mirrored in the dull consciousness of a fool, is poor indeed compared with the Imagination. Cervantes writing his Don Quixote in a miserable prison. Bunyan (Pilgrim’s Progress). Sir Walter Raleigh History). Daniel Defoe (Robinson (Crusoe). Milton {Paradise Lost).

Health, cheerfulness is the very flow of it, says Schopenhauer.

“Without a proper amount of daily exercise no one can remain healthy, all the processes of life demand exercise, not only the parts more immediately concerned, but the whole body. Aristotle rightly says, “Life is movement,” it is its very essence. Ceaseless and rapid motion sustains every part of the organism.” The heart with its complicated double systole and diastole beats strongly and untiringly with 28 beats, it has to drive the whole of the blood through arteries, veins and capillaries; the lungs pump like a steam-engine; the intestines are always in peristolic action; the glands are all constantly absorbing and secreting; even the brain has a double motion of its own, with every beat of the pulse and every breath we draw.

When people can get no exercise, there is a glaring and fatal disproportion between outward inactivity and inner tumult.

For this ceaseless internal motion requires some external counterpart. Even trees must be shaken by the wind if they are to thrive.

* * * * *
Men are not influenced by things, but by their thoughts about things.

* * * * *
Beauty is an open letter of recommendation to putting a good face upon a. bad business. Folly is its own burden,

There was great wisdom in that remark which Queen Christina of Sweden made in her nineteenth year, about Descartes, who had then lived for twenty years in the deepest solitude in Holland: “M. Descartes,” she said, “is the happiest of men and his condition seems to me much to be envied.”

* * * * *
It is a great piece of folly to sacrifice the inner for the outer man. It is to let the centre of gravity fall outside oneself and consequently to tumble down.

* * * * *
There are no real pleasures without real needs.’
– Voltaire.

Jnan and Bhakti can be combined only when Shiva is contemplated as Law (of which alone it can be said Rite Jnanat Na Muktih.)

a. Let us increase our knowledge of that Shiva as Law;
b. Let us contemplate on and love that Law Shiva (ideal).
c. And let us offer up everything to that Law.
Yat karoshi yadashnasi yajjuhoshi dadaasi yat, etc.
d. After doing anything spend a few moments in keeping the intellect at-one-ment with the Law of Laws.’
Yosaavaaditye Purushah Sosaavaham (the very end of -Yajur Veda).
e. i. intellectually Vedant; ii. morally Buddhism, iii. practically Christianity, iv. religiously Vaishnavism, v. feeling (Urdu word) intense,

The presence of N and other Swamis near you is like the presence of fats in stomach. The ghee etc. demand more bile from liver; but their very presence diminishes the secretion of bile.

Let them pray together. Murk q Jtfe. Mohammadan prayer and Christian congregational prayer.

Collective suggestibility.
Bring together before God (Urdu saying)
Let them chant Vedic hymns together.

The solitary prayer cannot spout forth spontaneously from the heart (as becomes a natural solitary prayer) unless religious spirit is evoked and kept alive by social prayers. If the gods of temples have lost their holds on the general Hindu heart, there is yet time to rally the Hindu half-hearts under the banner of the Vedas. If Sikh-like they cannot sing together familiar songs, still Islam-like they might pray in a tongue which they do not fully comprehend. Sanskrit will unite not only the N. S. or E. W. of India, but all the Aryan races of Europe to India. And Sanskrit is not difficult as the Brahmans declare it to be.

If the people around you misbehave, grumble, squeak, or go wrong, why fight with the machine, lubricate it or set it aright, attend to the weak part in it. Why hold the machine responsible like a foolish child? Brahma Satyam Jaganmithya. When will that Law of Laws be practically realized? The rudder broke in the N. German Lloyd boat, the Captain managed the ship with alternate working of the two engines, yet the real remedy was not there. So the real remedy is in Vedanta alone. (Urdu word) in absence of (Urdu word) for Gopis (Urdu word). Let the Jiva be entirely obliterated from your heart. Let the God-idea become too strong for it.

Personal God:—
It is not that the weight of a body is actually concentrated at the C. G. (that point is to all appearance like any other point) but for aught that concerns us the muss is concentrated there. So is Law all-pervasive, God imminent in nature, present equally everywhere. Yet relatively to our- Buddhi this universal Reality can be most conveniently handled (and acts upon our conduct) as if it were embodied in a personal Being. This personal God leads us from the visible to the Unseen. When we get a point of limitation – focus of personality generated by (Urdu word) the other pole is simultaneously created like positive and negative Electricity.

* * * * *
Mental Telepathy:
Let not the thoughts of friends or foes (Urdu word) have anything to do with you. It is true we can communicate with one another mentally. But like any other communication (intercourse), it is a mere wayside inn and throws us down into a gaping pit like any other (Urdu word) if we begin to enjoy it. Mind-wandering excites passion, feeling (Vishaya) which is passivity, suicide. These reveries are decidedly on par with (Urdu word) possessions. To drown and overcome all personal associations springing up in the mind, and let the one light (God-consciousness) alone keep burning in the mind is to do real good to all parties concerned. Crowd out all other considerations (notions).
Away with such nonsense as: please remember me in your prayers, (Urdu saying) Send him good thoughts etc. There is but one Reality (Urdu word).

No expectation thought, no fear thought, no criticism or appreciation thought, no thought about what are allied constant companions. You never had any company but God.

* * * * *
Amavasya – New moon day. The moon receives full sunlight but the Surya is eclipsed and even the Moon’s selfish light is as bad as darkness.

Other laws are simply (Urdu saying)
The past memories and associations. Let them be wiped out of thought as cloud-forms, Swapna. The witness-box, the judge’s bench, lawyer’s bar, Professor’s chair, stage, etc., have environments, relations, attendants, each peculiar to itself. You move from the low heaths, up to the mountain top. The position changed, all will re-adjust their attitudes to you, all must shift, their points of view must alter like the (Urdu word) through motion of the ship.

Nothing is constant but God.
Defend not the Body and Personality. You are the Truth. Body etc. like east stones.