It is a fact that if one states the Truth, no one can T help believing what he says if only he make himself understood.

If I issue an order in truth, there is no question but it will be both understood and obeyed. Suppose I issue an edict that every person should dress up to* morrow and eat something, and I order the Sun to rise tomorrow morning and the trees to leaf out in spring, I shall surely be obeyed, Why? My command was in the line of Truth who is Omnipotent. How true the secret of Prophetic power in …..(Urdu words).
“They that see the Real in the midst of this Unreal, they that behold life in the midst of this death, they that know the One in all the changing manifoldness of this universe, unto them, belongs eternal peace unto none else, unto none else”.
Through “Bhashya” the future is knit firmly with the past.