From Volume 9 of the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda – Letters – Fifth Series
Salutation to Bhagavan Ramakrishna

32 ASHADHA [JULY 15, 1890]


I am sorry to learn that [Vaikunthanath] Sanyal’s habits are as yet not Pucca [firm]; and what about Brahmacharya? I don’t understand you. If so, the best thing for you both is to come down and live here. The widow of Mohindra Mukherjee is trying head and heart to erect a Math for you, and Surendranath Mitra has left another thousand so that you are very likely soon to get a beautiful place on the river. As for all the hardships up there, I reserve my own opinions.
It was not at all my intention to come down, only the death of Balaram Bose had made me have a peep here and go back. If the mountains be so bad, there is more than enough place for me; only I leave Bengal. If one does not suit, another will. So that is my determination. Everyone here will be so glad at your return here, and from your letter I see it would be downright injurious to you if you didn’t come down. So come down at your earliest opportunity. I will leave this place before this letter reaches you; only I won’t go to Almora. I have my own plans for the future and they shall be a secret.
As for Sanyal, I do not see how I can benefit him. Of course, you are at liberty to hold your own opinion about the Sanga [holy company] here. That I can find places Sudrishya [having scenic beauty] and Subhiksha [where alms are available] is enough. Sanga is not much, or, I think, not at all necessary for me.
Yours, etc.,