Live in God, not only the known past, but even the unknown past or future will begin to flash in your mind.
All Maya (figure) is negative and not anything positive.

It is plain that the whole of: matter considered in-definitely can have no figure. He who says that he perceives a figure, merely says that he has before his mind a limited thing, (like the hypothetical solid introduced in Hydrostatical investigations). But this limitation does not pertain to the thing in respect of its being, but on the contrary of its non-being. A figure in space, in so far as it has any positive reality, it is only the reality that belongs to the part of infinite space which its periphery cuts off; it is created solely by cutting off or negating all of space that is outside of it.

But according to Hegel, the infinite, in the highest sense of the word, must be conceived, not as the simple negation of the finite, but as that which at once denies and affirms it.

The individual thinks himself free because he is conscious of his desires and actions, but not of the conditions that determine them.

Ordinary observation judging merely by the senses, confounds externality in space with independent existence and represents to itself the spatial separation of stones, plants, animals, as equivalent to an isolated or absolute reality. But is the Reality in a leaf different from the Reality (Atman) of the tree? By a trick of the imagination Ave look upon ourselves as independent, self-determined individuals.

Rightly viewed each so-called individual is only a transition point in a movement of thought that stretches back through the interminable past and onwards through the interminable future.

No of Bhumikas or stages:

We need not ascend to heaven to bring it down from above, for it is already in our hands and our mouths.

* * * * *
All knowledge of what is limited rests on an implicit reference to what is unlimited. Every conception of a particular space or body presupposes the idea of infinite space or extension. That is the origin and axis, the pole and initial line. That substance is beyond demonstration and inaccessible to doubt, for demonstration and doubt alike depend on and indirectly affirm it.

No chemical can operate or act on another unless it pass through the nascent state.

The seed grows through reduction into the Substance.

Metals are welded by passing into the molten state.
The man of (Urdu word) feels encouraged at the seeming favourable circumstances, and pinning his faith to the individual appearances rushes onward, but immediately does he receive a knock on the head or bump on the forehead. The shock melts him, brings him to the nascent state and forthwith comes success to greet him.