Still ever still with Thee
I rest in a peaceful calm,
On the world’s troubled stormy tea
I float like a bird in the dawn.
Ever at rest in infinite Love
While the waves do surge and toss
Knowing full well that in Thee I move,
And never more can be lost.
Thee in Me and Me in Thee
Above this plain of unrest.
Accepting all things that conic to me
As roses dropt from Thy breast.
The ups and downs arc the petals fine
So soft; and white and uncurled,
My path is filled like a golden mine
With a love that is ever unfurled.
Each moment is fraught with blessings sweet
Whether awake or whether asleep.
Still, ever still with Thee
In the cooling showers and dewy flowers
We sing and glance and pine.

To Rama

I stir the silent calm repose
Of sleeping love in trees and snows.
I wake my love, with love I burn
From Brahma and God to stone I turn.
Indeed, these pebble Gods are sweet
So round, so clean, so pure and neat
By Shiva on holy Ganges laved
By his razor cleanly shaved
These free Sannyasins frank and bold
Are Nature’s priests in temples old.