This Book is written by Arthur Osborne.

Thy silence calls me
More powerful than a thousand voices
O Hill of wonder!

The way is so long, it seemed so near
Whispering shadows, rocks come alive,
Arunachala, Thou calledst me,
Now free me of fear!

O Hill of Fire!
Burn my desires to ashes,
But that one desire
To know.

A thousandfold bride,
O Hill of Love!
In thy Grace
Let me abide.

Sweet flame within my heart
Spread over the universe,
What does it mean?
Hill of Wisdom! Doubts assail me,
I dare not believe.

Motionless dancing boundless waves
Rose within my mind,
All-engulfing dark waters
On the surface in letters of flame
” I AM ”

Like a hawk whose wings
darkened the sky
Thou pouncest on me—a worm in dust—
And carried me off
Into limitless all-knowing radiance.
Lost in freedom-Resplendence-Bliss
Hitherto unknown, undreamt of,
I found Myself ……..
I lost Myself.

Beloved! Whither shall I seek thee?
In the abyss of thought,
In the tempest of feeling I find Thee not.
Plains, rivers, mountains, caves!
Tell me I pray,
Do you hide Him?
Did He pass your way? ……

In vain I spent my days,
In vain I wept at night.
Cool moon and stars!
Lend me your light
To find Him that is hidden
In my burning heart.

Hill of Water! Sea of Grace!
Quench my thirst,
Have mercy!
. . . . . .