Cf. Your daughter is just a (Urdu word) and Your daughter is a (Urdu word)

* * * *
Even the most favourite prejudice of Patriotism must be abdicated in favour of all-love.

Christ was not a Patriot, Buddha or Nanak were not Patriots.

As Ramakrishna realized his unity with woman-kind, even so have we to feel our oneness with the Englishmen, Christians, or thieves.

Always defend; defend the enemy.

One in the battle-field must suffer, so one in spiritual antagonism must remain invalid and in pain.

* * * *
The fall of a family man is to sensuous life and that of a God-man is to Patriotism.

When the body is sick – in struggle – take care to keep at least the mind in perfect health. Rather, the more should you in such a case try to keep the mind entirely above struggle-consciousness. As you are such, O Body, I have nothing more to do with you (Sivoham).

Jnani alone is beautiful.
To fall down on the way is death,
To fall down at home is rest and life, and
To enjoy physical or intellectual beauty is falling down on the wayside.
The beauteous are lovely flowers unconscious of the real beauty of self.

* * * *
Sophomore aired some rather atheistical views before Prof. James of Harvard.
i Prof. “You are a free thinker, I perceive. You believe in nothing.”
Sophomore: “I only believe – law – what I can understand.”
Prof. “It comes to the same thing, I suppose.”

* * * *
Shama- repression of the mind by keeping it all the time on God.
Dama – employing the indriyani (senses) on God.
Titiksha – lit. the desire to leave.
Samadhana – restoration (recovery) of the mind to God-consciousness after its inadvertently wandering off. It is a kind of repentance
Uparati – a condition not related to or depending on external world, to supply from within what is missing without. To keep the oil burning.

* * * *
Raja – one who pleases the most, from raj, to please. A king was expected to be the servant.

* * * *
“If the supreme Truth remains unknown, the study of the Scriptures is fruitless; even if the supreme Truth is known, the study of the Scriptures is useless.”

In Gita, Yoga = Physical training.
Sankhya = Speculative philosophy.

* * * *
Elephant Sparsa
The elephant is constantly surprised and killed by hunters while in a state of stupefaction caused by the pleasure the animal derives from rubbing its forehead against the pine tree.

Through worldly planning, waste-time considerations, to think of achieving the goal, is like trying to cross a river on an alligator thinking it to be a log of wood.
(Vivek Choodamani – 406)

“If a wise man loses his aim and becomes even slightly diverted, then his mind tends to fall away from the right direction like a playing ball carelessly dropped on a flight of steps”
(Vivek Choodamani 267-266)

* * * *
“Until the Avarana Satti ceases completely, the conquest of the Vitshepa Satti is impossible.

From its inherent nature the former is destroyed when Atma is distinguished from Anatma as milk from water through Mahavakya”
(Vivek Choodamani 347)

* * * *
Thoroughly centred in the true Atman, giving up all idea of self as identical with body, mind, etc., regard the latter as no more than broken earthen-pots (through want of interest in them).

* * * *
Having attained the Self-knowledge, abandon this Upadhi (body). It is not to be thought of again, the recollection of what is vomited is only calculated to disgust.
”Want of inquiry into the past, absence of speculation about the future, and indifference as to the present are the characteristics of a Jivan mukta.”
(Vivek Choodamani 431-443)

As the tendency of the most lustful man ceases before his mother, so the vasana of the wise ceases on knowing Brahma, the Perfect Bliss.

When we push back the water, we swim forward; Just so, when we renounce, throw back the things (Vasana), we advance ahead.