From the chapter PART III Diary of the book “Guru Ramana – Memories and Notes” by S. S. Cohen.

27th March, 1949

The lump which was removed from Maharshi’s left elbow last month and which was thought to be healing satisfactorily, subsequently started to grow again, so that the eminent surgeon, Dr. Raghavachari, came today from Madras with surgical instruments to remove it. Sri Maharshi entered the Ashram’s clinic at 9-40 a.m. The operation lasted 20 minutes and ended at about 10-30. The lump, which has been temporarily diagnosed as neuroma, is seated on the ulnar nerve with two fibres in it. A section is sent for microscopic examination. The surgeon, we are told, performed the operation skilfully by cutting deep and removing the last cell of the growth, without injuring the ulnar nerve, which controls the forearm and fingers. He does not expect a recurrence of the growth. The whole afternoon Maharshi remained somnolent, due to the local anaesthetic injection given to him before the operation. No one can tell if he is feeling any pain.