Maricha’s argument – “If, assuming the shape of a golden deer I am shot by Rama (=Truth) and die, I attain instant emancipation, otherwise I meet death at the hands of Ravana. I can never hope for escape from Maya.”

Let me die at the hands of Truth.

Truth is that which persists the same yesterday, today and forever.

ekarupena avasthito yorthah sa paramarthah

That which, ever survives Shesha Purusha is the fittest.

That ancient seer (Kavi Purana) which the Gita and the Mahabharta mention as abiding in the breast of each is.
1. Prophet and Poet in Turiyam.
2. The Blindfold logician and Historian in Sushupti without materials for reasoning or a world for events but groping towards them.
3. Painter in Swapna
4. Sculptor in Jagrat