GANGOTRI: September, 1901

The Present Dwelling (for the eye enamoured of external form) of Rama is a snug cottage, in the Mountain Amphitheatre, surrounded by a green-sward in a lonely natural garden commanding a fair view of the Ganges. Narayana and Tularam live elsewhere. Ram Buti grows in profusion here. Sparrows and other birds twitter heartily all the day long. Climate bracing. The song of the Ganges and the chorus of birds keep up a celestial festival all the time. Here the Ganges Valley is very broad. Gangi flows in a vast maidan, so to speak. The current, however, is very swift. Still it has several times been waded across by Rama. Kedar and Badri have often enough most affectionately invited Rama Badshah. But dear Gangi, at the very thought of separation, feels sorrowful and crest-fallen, and Rama does not like to displease her and see her dejected.