The divine Idea that lies at the bottom of Appearance; open to all, seen by almost none.

World = realized Thought of God.

This sacred mystery while others forget it, the prophet or poet knows it, he has been driven to know it, he finds himself living, in it, bound to live in it. For him it is no hearsay, but a direct Insight and Belief whosoever may live in the shows of things, for him it is a necessity of Nature to live in the very factor of things.

* * * * *
“To the mean eye all things are trivial as certainly as to the jaundiced eye they are yellow.” Carlyle.

We will not estimate the Sun by the quantity of gaslight it saves us.

* * * * *
“To know a thing, what we call knowing, a man must first love the thing, sympathise with it: that is, be virtuously related to it.”

If he have not the courage to put down his own selfishness v at every turn, the courage to stand by the dangerous trite, at every turn, shall he know?

Your morality and insight are always of the same dimension. Whatever is truly great springs up from the inarticulate deeps.


Is not every true Reformer, by the nature of him, a Priest first of all? He appeals to heaven’s invisible justice against Earth’s visible force; knows that it, the invisible, is strong and alone strong. He is a seer, seeing through the shows of things; he is a believer. At all turns, a man who will do faithfully, needs to believe firmly. If he has to ask at every turn the world’s suffrage, if he cannot dispense with the world’s suffrage, and make his own suffrage serve, he is a poor-eye servant; the work committed to him will be misdone.