Honour-winners, knowledge-gainers, social reformers, dear labourers I Well done! God (Rama) bless you! Go on, sweet ones! Go on! Pursue with hope and zeal your respective duties. May your exertions be crowned with abundant success, may you reach safe and sound your particular destinations, may joy greet you at the due stations. But what of Rama? Rama is on a different ticket. He cannot break journey and sojourn long at any between stop. Good bye! Darlings! O the Terminus! The never-ending Terminus.


Creating the earths and heavens and birds and beasts Who enters these as life and soul; And from the husk of body and mind Is thrashed out with devotion and Jnana That Being clothed in forms and names! That selfsame Sat art thou, the same, the same.


Diverting the thoughts from objects of sense,
Like Worses whipped wrhen going astray;
Controlling the thoughts with Wisdom’s reins,
The sages bring them home to OM;
That Home or OM art thou,
no doubt the same.


The manifold changes -waking, sleep,
Boyhood, manhood, health, disease,
Failure, success, gain or loss,—
Are flowers simply strung on thread;
That changeless thread, the one in all,
Is Atman pure without a knot,
That Atman pure art thou, the same, the same.


That Being shining in the sun is no other than myself;
That Self in me is certainly the Being shining in the Sun;
By such texts the Vedas preach The Light of lights, the Self-
Supreme I That Self art thou; yea! same, the same.


Anxieties, doubts and fears and all
Temptations, dangers, weakness are
Dispelled and driven out like the dark
Of thousand years when Light appears,
The Light to drive out sorrow, sin,
Is consciousness of Self within.
That Consciousness or Self art thou
Indeed the same, the same.


The same that works thy eyes and hands
The same doth move what by thee stands.
The One within is all without,
That One does bring what comes about.
No foreign force, no foe, no other
Exists by thee whatever
Is, art thou; verily the same, the same.

When viewed from the stand-point of God-Self, the whole world becomes an effusion of Beauty, expression of Joy, outpouring of Bliss. The limitation of vision being overcome, there remains nothing ugly. When everything is my own self, how could anything be other than sweetness condensed. Self is Anand (Bliss), therefore, Self­realisation is equal to the realization of the whole world as Bliss-crystallised, or perception of the powers of Nature as my own hand and feet, and feeling the universe as my own sweet self embodied

O Joy! Nothing separate!

“No warder at the gate
Can keep the jnani in;
But like the sun over all
He will the castle win
And shine along the wall.”

He waits as waits the sky,
Until the clouds go by,
Yet shines serenely on
With an eternal day,
Alike when they are gone
And when they stay.

O Divinity! Who rules the Universe? None but God. Could anything take place against God’s laws? Never. All is well. Let those resort to plans and policies to whom the world is real. God, and nothing else exists but God! Glory!

Perish this body and mind, if for a single second the idea of defence lodges therein. My bodies are millions, my Self is God and needs no protection.

Outside rocks there are none to shatter. I am the only rock, the rock of the Universe.

Flickering stars of the peoples of myopic vision ought not to be allowed to divert our attention in the least.

One person saw a dream, a nightmare
His neighbours ‘gan to scream! Look there!
He weeps at no disaster,
I can’t suppress a laughter.

If there ever was a person who loved from his heart of hearts all beings as his own very Self, it is Rama. My children may not understand me, but I am still their own calm, serene, loving, blessing Self, Rama.