The moonlight sleeps on the lawn of my garden,
The moon swings on the clouds, her cloak flaps on my garden.
The moonlight! O the moonlight! it shimmers, how it glimmers!
The breeze redolent with the light, while kissing how it lingers!
The moonlight floats on the boats of the wavelets
As guided by zephyrs they guide on the lake.
The moon, Oh the moonie! She perches on trees, Casts
shadows and lights that sway on the breeze. The moon,
Oh, she swims in the lake of the skies. Come, catch me,
you moonie; with me could you fly?
The moon, how she mingles with playmates, the stars!
She clasps them by fingers of light, and how dancing they are!
The moon, how she dived in the eyes of a boy,
He learnt all her secret and took her for toy.
Who lent you this beauty, O Silver Ball?
My dream is her lustre and silver and all. OM!