“The stronger fishes, after their kind, prey upon the weaker fish.”

This is ever our means of living, appointed to us eternally.

Space is merely the order in which we look out piecemeal on True Sat (Being).

* * * *
Space is a mere How. It is not a What.

It is a method of analysis, an intervalling or ruling off, to enable the multitudinous figures by which the intellect is compelled to express diffusively the totality which is One.

Time too is a How and not a What. A method of analysis, intervalling or ruling off, whose intellect employs to enable it to contemplate in successive parts, the One Eternal Divine Chit.

Sat (Being) culminating to Consciousness (Chit). Conscious thought returning and entering into Being with an eternal Joy (Ananda).

* * * *
Says Mukund Raja in Viveka Sindhi. That wherein his trinity or threefold relation Drishta, Darsan, Drisya – disappear that know to be supreme Brahma, devoid of opposition.

That wherein this trio – Jnata, Jnan, Jney – does not exist – that, my son, know to be the Supreme Brahma, undual.

* * * *
“If we denominate its knowledge there is there no knowing; if we would call it ignorance, there is there no not-knowing; if we would term it non-entity, behold it is a wonderful hidden treasure, without beginning, being even from all eternity.”

* * * *
“If we say it is, how are we to present it? If we say it is not, how are we to get rid of it?

It is what stirreth him who is asleep, what awakeneth him who is stirred, what causeth him who is awake to feel, but it is itself without act.”

* * * *
Through whose power the organs are quickened to perform their own offices? As the one Sun shineth in every country, so the same supreme Spirit illumineth every creature.

There the when is an eternal Now.
The where an eternal Here.
The What and the Who are one,
A Universal “That – I”

* * * *
Say there is no god over me; there is no devil under me: I am free.

Seneca taught that the worst of evih is submission to evil.

It is an old teaching that demons and devils are afraid of a sword (or iron). Draw your sword of Sivoham, swing your blade, flourish your metal; and all Tapah is off.
Fate is the fast friend of him who defies fate; luck is pluck.

* * * *
Blasphemy is often the great devil-killer. Dare to blaspheme, for the true man is death to the gods.

It does not do to be too easy on the gods, for they are great hands to take the advantage of the afraid.

* * * *
A familiar thing in a strange abnormal position or shape produces the most effective suggestion.

* * * *
Nothing speaks so much to the childish or popular mind as a caricature monstrosity, a grotesque figure.
* * * *
The most essential condition of normal suggestibility is the moving with the subject for awhile before suggestion, or the fixation of the attention on some common point of interest.

(1) Fixation of attention,
(2) Distraction of attention,
(3) Monotony,
(4) Limitation of voluntary movement,
(5) Limitation of the field of consciousness,
(6) Inhibition,
(7) Immediate execution,

Distraction of attention = finding for the inhibitory forces working in some other direction. The Juggler of India. Inhibition of the power to say no = Hypnotism.

* * * *
A man must learn to digest praise too and not be poisoned with it:

A thinker, I take it, in the long run finds that essentially he must ever be and continue alone; —r alone:

“Silent rest over him the stars and under him the graves “!
The clatter of the world, be it a friendly, be it a hostile world, shall not intermeddle with him much.