This Book is written by Arthur Osborne.

To feel, to know, to be the Christ within—
Can there then be love for Christ on earth,
Walking as man, seen as a man is seen?
Seek not to argue; love has greater worth.
Love makes man kin

With the Beloved. Such have I known,
Him of the lustrous eyes, Him whose sole look
Pierced to the heart, wherein the seed was sown
Of wisdom deeper than in holy book,
Of Truth alone

Not to be learned but lived, Truth in its hour
To sprout within the heart’s dark wintry earth
And grow a vibrant thing, then, come to power,
To slay the seeming self that gave it birth,
Or to devour.

Heart of my being, seen outwardly as one
In human form, to draw my human love,
Lord Ramana, Guru, the risen Sun,
Self Manifest, the Guide for all who rove
Lost and alone

In tangled thoughts and vain imaginings,
Back to pure Being, which Your radiant smile,
Full of compassion for my wanderings,
Tells me always was, though lost this while
In a world of things.