The 108 Names of Sri Bhagavan (Ramana Ashtothara 23-30) Original Sanskrit by Sri Viswanatha Swami and English Translation & Commentary by Professor K. Swaminathan

23. Udasinah: One who is seated high above.

[He now abides in pure Being, unattached and uninvolved in the world without, but radiantly happy within].

Om Udasinaya namah.

24.  Mahayogi: The great yogi, one whose whole being is in the Self.

[The summit of yoga is total abidance as the Self].

Om Mahayogine namah.

25.  Mahátsahah: The one supremely zealous.

[The jnani makes no effort and knows no fatigue; his enthusiasm, his energy is the radiance of blissful peace. His Awareness is itself energy and shines forever like the Sun, unwearied in well-doing].

Om Mahátsahaya namah.

26.  Kusagradhih: One of sharpest intellect.

[The intellect merged in the self is impersonal, unself- regarding and ever-blissful].

Om Kusagradhie namah.

27.  Santa sankalpa samrambhah: One whose actions are well begun and well done, because they are decided upon calmly and without confusion of desires.

[The jnani’s tranquil mind unperturbed by desire reflects Reality like a clean mirror and acts with certitude and precision].

Om Santa sankalpa samrambhaya namah.

28.  Susandrk: One with clear, auspicious vision.

[He sees only the noumenon, the reality, behind the multitudinous, phenomenal world].

Om Susandrse namah.

29.  Savita: Sun of Awareness, jnana bhanu.

[Creator and beholder and revealer of the earth].

Om Savitre namah.

30.  Sthirah: Firm, unmoving.

[Bhagavan is the still Being wherein all things move and live. He is achala, the stillness of pure Being-Awareness].

Om Sthiraya namah.