From Note Book 4 of ‘In Woods of God-Realization’

Patha Vyasan

Though Bharadwaj applied himself to the Veda in three successive lives, he began on being incited by Indra to study the remainder of Vedic lore even in the fourth…

Indra, of course, cured Bharadwaj of this vice by enlightening him into the knowledge of Brahman with character (Saguna Brahma).

Sastra Vyasan Kavasheya Gita

Durvasa came with a cart-load of Sastra-books to pay his respects to the God Mahadeva. In the learned assembly of that God, Narada aimed a joke at him, in the parable of the ass carrying a load on his back, whereupon he was fired with such anger as led him to throw away all his books into the ocean.

Mahadeva thereafter initiated him into the mystery of Self-knowledge. Cf. Chhandogya VII.

Nrirada coming to Sanat kumar well versed in all the sixty-four subjects of education.

Yasya sarve samarambhah kaamasankalpavarjitaah
Jnaanaagnidagdhakarmaanam tamaahu panditam budhah
Tyaktva karmaphalaasangam nityatripto niraasrayah
Karmanyabhipravrittopi naiva kincit karoti sah

For Sadhus: —

Loka Vasana Sastra Vasana Deha Vasana

Vasana of the form of hypocrisy, vanity, and the like is the sure way to perdition.

Deha Vasana

False Identification False Edification False Convalescence

Yasyaatmabuddhih kunape vidhatuke
Swadhih kalatraadishu bhima ijyadhih
Yasteerthabuddhih salilena karhichit
Janeshvabhi seshu sa eva gokharah

Atyantamalino deho dehi chaatyananirmalah
Ubhayorantaram jnatva kasya saucham vidhiyate

Care not a straw for the existence or preservation of this body.

Atmaanam yadi nindanti svaatmaanam svayameva hi
Sariram yadi nindanti sahaayaaste janaa mama

As a goldsmith buying a bracelet of gold fixes his mind only on the weight and colour of the thing, not at all on the beauty or otherwise of its form, just in the same manner should the mind be fixed entirely on chit alone.

Till the material is entirely obliterated and consciousness of simple being becomes as unconsciously natural as the coming in and going out of breath, the effort to keep up the vasana of Chit should not be discontinued.