The Chanting of OM and Its Particular Benefits

There are certain things the mere mention of which causes the mouth to water, such as oranges, lemons, etc. The mere mention of these produces an effect and the eating of these produces certainly a complete effect. Just so the mere sound or chant of OM will produce a certain effect mid if you take it in its entirety, the effect is complete. You may not feel the effect in the beginning, but it must eventually bear fruit, rest assured.

The Spiritual Law of Character

The law is that you shall be Pure. Harbour impurity and you must suffer the consequences. We will take up these spiritual laws one by one and prove them with a mathematical certainty. When a man once understands these spiritual laws, it becomes impossible for him to stoop to these selfish desires. Having gained control of these desires, the mind can be concentrated for any length of time. Character must be built first, this is necessary.

True Spirituality and the Psychic Powers

Is it right to develop psychic power? For its own sake it is worldliness. Vedanta says you can communicate with the departed, it is possible no doubt; but then is it not just as good, nay better, to communicate with the living? It is a question whether the departed come to us or whether it is our own Self that takes up these forms. The conclusion of Vedanta is that if you look upon the psychic world from the stand-point of the gross material world, you may say that the departed come to you; from the stand-point of reality even the so-called gross material world people are wrong in making the statement that “such and such a person called to see me.”They are wrong from the stand-point of reality, for it is but your own Self which stands up before you, above you, below you, and nobody else. You yourself manifest in all these apparent varieties. Brother, friend, enemy ye are according to Vedanta. In reality to say that the departed come is not true; it is ourselves in other forms and in other shades.

Can A Married Man Aspire To Realization?

In every family the husband wants to advance the happiness of the wife/and the wife wants to advance the happiness of the husband, but with their best intentions, what is the result? They, both cause the fall of each other. Who is to blame? Is their interest to blame? No. It is their ignorance that is to blame. They know not in what lies the good of each other – This is the cause of troubles and miseries.

Voice of Silence

“All the world is within you; the astral and the psychic worlds are all within you, and you think that you are in them. Just as a lady carrying a mirror on her thumb looks into the mirror and thinks she is in the glass, but it is just the reverse, so, as a matter of fact, the world is in you, and you are not in the world. There are two kinds of talk, talk from the head, and talk from the heart. Talk from the head can be handled at any time we please. When talk proceeds from the heart, then it becomes different.