Love or Will
1. The origin of all things – men, animals, plants, etc.
2. Heat evidently sustains all life and consumes all production.
3. The real Self undefinable = Love.
4. Attraction, affinity, power.
5. Thought, action and language are chilled when love grows cold.
6. Love puts you at one with the Universe.
7. Heart corresponding to cerebellum (seat of Love or Will) is the first organ to act in the foetal body and the last (as evident from the dying). It acts without co-operation of lungs (in swoons and suffocation).
8. Will (the rock of life) lives after thought ceases.
9. Heat precedes light always in a metal under the action of fire.
10. Love (Heat) is the substance and Wisdom (light) the form.

* * * *
Divine Providence has respect to eternal things, and only to temporary matters so far as they accord with eternal things. Divine Providence appropriates neither evil nor good to any man but man himself appropriates good or evil.

Faith induced by miracles is not faith but persuasion; it is only an external without an internal. When are men not reformed?

1. No one is reformed by miracles and signs. 2. No one is reformed by visions and through spirits because they compel.
3. No one is reformed through threats and punishments because they compel.
4. No one is reformed in states of non-rationality and non-liberty.
5. No one is reformed in a state of Fear because fear takes away freedom and reason.
6. No one is reformed in a state of misfortune.
7. No one is reformed in a state of Disorder of mind because freedom and reason are absent in that state.
8. No one is reformed in a state of Disease of the Body.

* * * *
A man being newly married told his wife, “You and I are one. But remember I am the One.”

The Divine cannot be comprehended through the Intellect being not extended in Space and time, but is apprehended through a State, not space but state.