Swami Ramatirtha was born in Punjab on 1873. He studied in Lahore and passed with high marks and joined Lahore Mission College as a Mathematics Professor. On that time he read, studied and analyzed many Upanishads and Vedanta books. It is believed that on 1898 he went to Brahmapuri temple of Tapovan in Haridwar and meditated and attained Atmasakshatkara.

A long time after the demise of Swami Ramatirtha, his disciples and followers searched in India and the United States of America and found many of his articles and discourses, and later it published as In Woods of God Realization. The book was translated to Malayalam by Sri T. R. Narayanan Nambiar. The book was published by Kollam Sri Rama Vilasam Press. This Malayalam PDF e-book will help you to understand Swami Ramatirtha and his teachings very well. You can read the English version of the same book in Ramatirtha.com

The book Sri Ramatirtha Prathidhwanikal is available in Eight Volumes.

  1. Tharangam 1– Mathrubhumi Bharatam
  2. Tharangam 2 – Dhruvanakshatram Akathu
  3. Tharangam 3 – Ojassinte Uravasthanam
  4. Tharangam 4 – Sakshatkara Sahayangal
  5. Tharangam 5 – Prapanjasamashti bodhavum…
  6. Tharangam 6 – Matha (Dharma) thinte Chaithanyam
  7. Tharangam 7 – Vedanta parvathil ninnulla…
  8. Tharangam 8 – Dashadeshangal ( Jeevachartiram )
Swami Rama Tirtha represents True Atman ” – Sri Ramana Maharshi
Swami Rama Tirtha was one of the greatest souls, not only of India, but of the whole world” – Mahatma Gandhi
I have never come across a greater self-realized Mahatma (than Swami Rama Tirtha). His message will be a great boon for the coming generations” – Madan Mohan Malavya