Sri Ramana Leela is a Biography of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi by Sri Krishna Bhikshu Edited and Translated by Pingali Surya Sundaram


  • You arose at the kshetra of Kaundinya, on the banks of the river Kaundinya, accept this, O Ramana, however, imperfect, written by one of the Kaundinya gotra (Sri Krishna Bhikshu belonged to the Kaundinya gotra.)
  • Jnana Sambandar chose the medium of poetry but could it be adequate? I do not grieve that I am no poet when you, as an embodiment of compassion abide as my Father, my Lord, Ramana.
  • Is it fair to brush aside one who writes what he knows on the ground that what he does not know is much more?
  • Oh you readers of goodwill, you very well know that pure unadulterated milk even if little is better than large quantities of adulterated milk.Sri Ramanarpanam