This part is taken from “Remembering Ramana” by Chagganlal Yogi

Once, an old lady came to Sri Ramanasramam. After prostrating, she placed a slip of paper in the hands of Sri Bhagavan Ramana. I guessed that it contained a prayer or doubt from her, as it was wont with all the devotees to offer their prayer or place their doubt before Bhagavan in that manner. But in this case, it turned out to be quite a different thing.

This old woman lived in the town in a dilapidated temple, to repair which she wanted some money. With this purpose she got an appeal for funds drafted by someone. In order to collect the required amount easily and early, she hit upon the idea that the appeal should be signed by eminent persons of the town and that Sri Bhagavan’s signature should top the rest. Thus the slip of paper was nothing else but the said appeal given to Sri Bhagavan for his signature. After reading he returned it to her without uttering a single word.

“My work will be done only if you will put your signature on this appeal”, the old woman urged Sri Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan with his usual sweet smile said: “It is well known that I never sign anything.”

But she would not accept defeat. She pressed him again and again to sign her appeal. At last Sri Bhagavan spoke out: “Yes, yes, you want me to sign your appeal, but how can one

sign who has no name? With what name will he sign?”

The old woman was puzzled. What did Sri Bhagavan mean by saying that he had no name? Why, was his name not Sri Ramana Maharshi? How was it then that all knew him by that name?

As she could not understand the significance of Sri Bhagavan’s reply, she persisted in coaxing him to sign. But Sri Ramana remained unmoved and kept mum. After some time the old dame was also tired and left the hall, of course, without obtaining Sri Bhagavan’s signature.

Often would autograph hunters come to the Ashram and request Sri Bhagavan to sign their autograph books. Wreathed in his inherent smile, Sri Bhagavan would give all of them only one answer: “Let him sign who has a name. Here (meaning himself ) there is no name. How can there be a signature then?”