Is Easwara a person?

Yes, he is the first person, ‘Aham.’ If you give importance to the world he does not get even the second person but only the third person. According to the Bible, He told Moses, that his name was ‘I am’ (Aham asmi).

What could be the attraction of Sri Ramana’s presence?

It is not possible to describe the grace of Bhagavan when he was silent. By looking at his eyes one could notice how indifferent he was to the world around him. It was at such moments that the waves of peace emanating from him could be experienced. Also, devotees had various other experiences – like visions, hearing sounds and even an experience of that nameless and formless state – all these due to the power of the presence. In any case, as all these were purely personal experiences, nothing more can be said of them. Some, like Paul Brunton, have recorded those experiences.

Light of The World

“Like the energy of the distant Sun your sakti falls on me and removes my sorrow.”
Historically, the light of knowledge arose in the East and shone in the Western world.

Publications and Teachings

Ever since Bhagavan settled at Ramanasramam, the number of his devotees steadily increased which made it impossible for all of them to listen to his teaching directly.

Followers of Bhagavan

With the increase in the number of followers and Ashram inmates it became necessary to regulate the running of the Ashram. As Bhagavan aged his body became easily tired hence it became necessary to regulate the visiting hours. Of course, these regulations were not to the liking of some but, the Ashram could not, obviously, be run without any regulations.