Knowledge as well as conduct must remain imperfect until we can contemplate all things from the point of view of their absolute unity. Other points of view may serve as provisional instruments of thought. Their main use is that we may, like a workman who uses ruder implements to construct more perfect ones, fashion by means of them, other intellectual instruments, by which the mind acquires a further power of investigation, and so proceeds till it gradually attains the summit of wisdom.

The Law of Causation, the worldly relationships, expectations, duties, are all mere transition points passing standards of judgments, wayside inns, the dolls of the spinster, the ablution of the waterless.

For the Sannyasin, the servant is no servant, the disciple is no disciple, the Raja no Raja, the friend no friend and enemy no enemy, the people’s promises no promises and threats no threats, provisions no provisions.

There is but one Reality. When the heart beats at one with It, the whole world pulsates at one with the heart. When the mind is out of tune with the only Reality, the whole world vibrates differently from the mind.

* * * * *
Sampadah paramaapadaam padam
Wealth is the abode of miseries. “There is a point where thought dies away into feeling, intelligence loses itself in rapt identification with its objects, and all sense of individuality is absorbed in that absolute transparent unity where no division is. Ecstasy which can only be described as the extinction of thought from its own intensity, the striving of the finite spirit beyond itself till it is lost in God.”