Was made to drink a substitute for coffee for preaching
“The Gods are on high Olympus,
Let them stay there; but you and I are here.”

* * * *
Man is the noblest work of Art – but nobody ever said so but man.

Troubles are not really troubles unless you quit work and inculcate them – otherwise they are in incidental diversions.

* * * *
No man is to be pitied excepting the one whose Future lies behind and whose Past is constantly in front of him.

* * * *
Says Robert Louis Stevenson, “A man who has not had the courage to make a fool of himself has not lived.

* * * *
The strong man is one who busies himself with the useful tasks that others cannot or will not do, and allows the people to do easy .things who can do nothing else.
Q. Are you Dr. Rama?
An. No, Sir. I do not require Doctoring.
I am alright, safe and sound.

* * * *
Muscular Christianity is more needed by India than Spiritual Christianity.

* * * *
We no longer require the luxury of intellectual dissipation in Indian Universities.

Problems of life cannot remain unsolved because life is only the solution of problems.