When a student, after his usual excessively hard working late hours falls asleep; in the vision Neptune appears to him and offers to convey all the knowledge of the universe to him. But the student refuses and asks the boon of being provided with oil for his midnight studies.

A young man (in Japan) refused enrolment in the army on the ground of his mother being dependent for her support on, him. The mother stabs herself and hands him the blood-soaked sword to take with him to the general and to wash in the enemy’s blood.
John Bull’s policy: Give me the Estate (this world), I shall give you the Bible (next world); Fair exchange and no robbery.

In the Jewish literature man was seeking God. In the Greek, God was seeking man.

* * * *
Education is imparted to children or grown people by the threefold process of (i) doing things, (ii) seeing things, (iii) hearing things. Kant, walking in the street, happens to strike a passer-by with the stick that he was waving in his meditating carelessness.

The man: “Who are you?”

Kant: “If I owned the whole world, I would give you one half if you could answer that question for me.”

* * * *
History is a record of the decline of war. Emerson.

* * * *
The Ocean is no longer a barrier but a bridge.
There be some who while told “how bright the day is” never fail to say “It broods storm.”

Man at this day tends to fall into the stomach. M:iu must be replaced into the heart; man must be replaced in the brain.

“A person walking in the street sees a man on the opposite side of the way — this is Perception; he recognizes him as a friend — Intellect; he feels joy at the encounter — Emotion; he determines to go across and speak to him – Will”