Whatever happens, O man of God, trace its ultimate cause in your own self, instead of wasting your time and energy in criticising others for it.

Raise yourself to Godhead and the whole chain of causation in the universe becomes immediately subservient to you.
The matters seemed to go amiss only when you were “centre out.”

There is but one Reality. You might observe how the wave has broadened at some distance from you and how it is working in others (to read the properties of things), but bear always in mind that it originated from you and none else.

* * * *
If the evil-counsellors seemingly are to blame, why did you draw them to you by developing tower affinity?

If others begin to judge your companions before you in regard to the matters concerning you, take their words as coming from the dupes of foreign historians writing about the motives of ancient Hindus in a learned style.

You know better than any adviser. Of what use is your Vedantic wisdom, if you are to be guided by the worldly wise?

Remember, you alone are to blame for what transpires around you.
Correct yourself first and all else will become corrected or corrigible, never otherwise. Let the order for correction to the environments go through the right channel, i.e., with the royal seal of your true redeemed Godhead. OM!

* * * *
Anything that a magistrate wants to carry out on personal authority not as the benches order will be mischief-breeder, but even a constable, with the uniform on, can seize any official.

* * * *
Does it mean self-condemnation?

No. Because Rama does not want you to dwell upon any sin of omission or commission (any details), but Rama wants you to lash up the lazy-consciousness to Godhead. As to any sin of omission or commission &part from the flagging of truth-consciousness there is none. The very same conduct brings glory now and disgrace at other times, matters very little in itself.